Accurate calculation of 80 types of printing products

in a professional print estimating software «Giprint ERP» – from business cards to cardboard packaging

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Print Estimating & print MIS Software: «Giprint ERP»

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Description of features
More than 80 types of products taken into account

From business cards to multi-page publications and cardboard packaging

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Calculation of the price of turnkey manufacturing

From design to post-printing processing

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Choosing the optimal price while calculating

The price of the print run is considered both for digital printing and for offset printing

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Sufficient detailing of calculations

After calculating the price, a report is generated with a list of materials and operations for the production of the circulation

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Setting up prime cost

You can change all prime cost parameters (both for materials and for operations)

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Creating a technical task for each department

All technical tasks are automatically created for each production member: from designer to courier

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Presence of imposition

The most economical layout of printing products on the circulation sheet is always formed

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Database for all orders

All orders are saved to the database. It is possible to quickly find, view and edit any information

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There are all the necessary documents for orders

Order form, invoice, contract, certificate of acceptance, delivery note

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Financial statements

Information on profit and expenses in a simple and visual form. With the ability to filter by: product type, customer, responsible manager, time period

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There are reports on the work of managers

Statistics are kept on indicators: % of successful trades, average bill, average time for 1 application, % of repeat orders, etc.

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The whole production process is clearly visible

All key indicators of the effectiveness of the printing house can be seen on the monitor screen

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Overview video of the printing MIS

Get free access*

* - for 3 days, without restrictions on features; no special skills are required to master the print MIS.

In the printing industry, the publication of any materials is not complete without modern technologies. Digital printing, offset printing, the creation of a variety of products, including unique large-format printing, are now available. All orders may have different prices. To better understand the wishes of each client, as well as immediately present him with the current price list, a printing cost calculator, or rather, a full-fledged multifunctional print MIS, is indispensable.

With this unique program, you can calculate the cost of printing online. You will receive specific figures that will be based on the full amount of the data that you provide to us. With their help that doing business becomes easier, and the registration of any order is clear and understandable.

The need for a printing MIS

The estimating of printing is carried out using an automated print ERP. With it, has a lot of features. These characteristics should be highlighted:

  • A unified database for data storage with a convenient access system;
  • Universal service;
  • Maintaining a balance in production;
  • Complete efficiency control.

Such software becomes the best assistant in this business.

The main advantages of our print estimating software

A modern online print estimating software makes it possible to calculate printing orders. It is possible to fully determine the amount of material, cost, as well as the time of manufacture. Now print MIS helps to optimally manage all resources.

The program has many basic features. This is the calculation of weight, details of the cost, and the final cost, depending on the different type of equipment. It allows you to analyze products such as books, newspapers, catalogs, brochures, albums, etc. Also, a method has been implemented that solves the problem of borderline circulations.

ERP for the printing house: the right choice

ERP for printing production should be chosen correctly. A high-quality program for calculating printing must meet several basic criteria:

  • The functionality should fully match to the industry. This may be color printing, work on a risograph or the calculation of the price of printing a banner.
  • The solution can be in a desktop format, but it is the cloud version with an online calculator that is most convenient and allows you to evaluate all the nuances: from the number of stripes (an optimal layout is made) to the format (A1, A2, A3, A0, etc.).
  • It is possible to calculate the production of a booklet, brochure, flyers, catalog or magazine using your mobile phone.
  • A variety of features.
  • It is especially valuable to have great customization options.

Our printing MIS Software is offered online. This is a unique option for anyone who wants to get accurate, complete calculations.

Print estimating software: basic features

Among the huge number of possibilities, it is worth highlighting exactly those for which the presented print estimating software is chosen by different printing houses. There are 80 product options for calculation, it is possible to configure each of them in detail. It should be considered that database storage, full documentation for each order, as well as financial statements are additionally provided.

MIS for a printing house is not just a special print estimating software. With its help, you can control all the main stages of the production process.